Mix and match a 12-bottle assortment of the Bordeaux chateaus listed below, and receive a 10 % discount on the case!

Chateau Clairval – Bordeaux A.C. 2010

  • A silky smooth “House Bordeaux” that would be served in every good Parisian Bistro. It drinks beautifully right now. This Merlot / Cabernet blend, is a recipient of a Gold Medal at the 2011 Concours de Bordeaux competition!
  • $11.99 ea.+tax or save 10% on a case of 12 –  $129.49 +tax.

Chateau Margerots – Bordeaux Superior 2009

  • This is another Gold award winner from the Concours tasting. It is 60% Merlot,20% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Cabernet Franc resulting in a wine that is supple, smooth, open and round on the palate. At 5 years old, the tannins are perfectly integrated.
  • $14.99 ea.+tax or save 10% on a case of 12 –  $161.89 + tax.

Chateau Martin – Haut – Medoc 2011

  • There is more Cabernet Sauvignon in this wine than Merlot, about 60/40. It drinks beautifully! The 2011 vintage is showing class and elegance compared to the richer, fatter, 2009 and 2010 Bordeaux vintages. This wine has a wonderful shading of oak and is precise, balanced and dry.
  • $19.99 ea. + Tax or save 10% on a case of 12  – $215.89 + tax.

Chateau Haut Cloquet – Pomerol 2011

  • The epitome of French Merlot from Bordeaux’s Right Bank! A fragrant, rich,supple wine, showing the judicious use of new oak. This is a true “ Winter Warmer!”
  • $34.99 ea.+tax or save 10% on a case of 12 –  $377.89 + tax.

Chateau Desmirail – Margaux 3eme Cru Classe 2009

  •  Classic Margaux.  Aromas of crushed purple plums and blackberries highlight this rich, velvety, supple red.
  • $59.99 ea. + tax or save 10% on a case of 12 –  $647.89 + tax.

Chateau Talbot – Saint-Julien 4eme Cru Classe 2011

  •  Ch. Talbot has consistently been one of the most elegant, silken textured Bordeaux estates. There is a refined aroma of cedar in the wine. The flavors are balanced on the head of a pin. It may be aged, but it is too good right now to keep your hands off of it!
  • $79.99 ea.+tax or save 10% on a case of 12 – $863.89 + tax.
  • ( Reg. $99.99 ea.)

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