Celebrate with the delicious wines of Germany.  Oktoberfest isn’t just about beer!  

Moselblumchen (L. Kreusch  

A delicate, fruity, floral white made from the Muller-Thurgau variety.  Tastes like freshly squeezed grapes!  $9.99 ea.

 Niersteiner Spiegelberg Riesling Kabinett (F. Windisch)

A lovely, off-dry white from the Rhine. Lively acidity keeps it fresh and zippy.  $12.99 ea.

Dornfelder (F. Windisch)

Germany’s number one selling red wine!  Naturally fruity, pure, no added sugar.  Serve it as is, or slightly chilled.  Great to drink with friends, structured enough for any meal.  $15.99 ea.

Berncasteler Doctor Riesling Kabinett ( Dr. Thanisch)

One of the most heralded vineyards in all of Germany!  Bracing acidity and beautiful fruit make this a long flavored and long lived white.  A proper treat for a Riesling aficionado.  Regularly priced in the $30’s.  $19.99 ea.

90+ Cellars Riesling

A 90 point rated wine, bottled exclusively for 90+ Cellars.  Overstock from a famous estate that must remain nameless.  Refined and flowery, it is a terrific white.  $10.99 ea.

Clean Slate Riesling

A  completely dry Riesling from Germany, as crisp and clean as a French Sauvignon Blanc or an Italian Pinot Grigio.  Zesty and thirst quenching.  $11.99 ea.

Dr. L Sparkling Riesling (Dr. Loosen)

A dry sparkling, called Sekt in Germany, is perfect if you prefer bubbles and a foamy head on your Oktoberfest beverage!  $16.99 ea.

Brauneberger Juffer-Sonnenuhr Riesling Auslese (M.F. Richter)

A beautiful late harvest Riesling that borders on unctuous.  This is not just a dessert wine.  Serve it with a saddle of venison and see how versatile Riesling can be!  $39.99 ea.

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